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About Us:

Community theatre began in Oregon, Ohio in 1986 when a group of enthusiastic and talented citizens felt that Community Theater would enrich the culture and heritage of our thriving and growing city. With the assistance and support of the City of Oregon, the OREGON LITTLE THEATRE was founded and produced two successful musical productions: “The Music Man” in 1987 and “Damn Yankees” in 1988.

Because other people were interested in helping to support community theater in non-performing areas, another independent organization named “Friends of Oregon Theater” came into existence at the same time. It provided the theater programs for the shows, solicited patrons and advertisers, and presented a Dinner/Variety Show to spotlight talent in the community.

Encouraged by the success of the productions, a rapidly growing membership, and the desire to extend participation to the citizens of other communities, the membership, in July of 1988, voted to disband the city associated OREGON LITTLE THEATRE. The “Friends of Oregon Theater” then re-organized and became the OREGON COMMUNITY THEATRE.

Since it's humble beginnings, the OREGON COMMUNITY THEATRE has presented over 35 years of productions, including dinner/variety shows, children’s summer theatre, major musicals, comedies, dramas, and reader’s theatre productions.

OREGON COMMUNITY THEATRE is governed by an elected Board of Directors and is funded through a combination of season memberships, local sponsors, patrons, advertisers and fund-raisers which provides the necessary financial support to present the highest quality of theatrical productions possible.

Our Mission Statement:

The Oregon Community Theatre is dedicated to the development of the performing arts within Oregon and its surrounding communities.
This mission shall be accomplished by encouraging appreciation of and participation in all aspects of live theater, as well as conducting related educational programs for adults and children.

Current Board Members:

President - Kevin Harrington
1st Vice President - Reed Steele
2nd Vice President - Bridget Drew
Treasurer - Don Dauer
Secretary - Alice Dargartz
Trustees - Janaye Ashman
Brannon Wyndesor
Jenn Bonnice
Tammy Halay
Amy Spaulding-Heuring
Jeff Smith
Community Members - Mary K Brucker
Steve Carpenter
Tony Esposito
Beth Giller
Dennis Holdren
Marianne Merren
Student Represenitive - Andy Kessler
Past President - Tim Yard